4-H Companion Animal Projects

Companion animals, such as cats, dogs and rabbits, are a great way for youth to get involved in 4-H! Most of these species can live happily inside the house or apartment and many families already own one of these animals. Youth can learn biology, nutrition, and proper care while meeting like-minded friends.

dog jumping agility jump

4-H dog programs teach youth how to properly care for and train their dogs. They have the opportunity to try new sports with their canine teammate like obedience and agility or show off their knowledge participating in Dog Skillathon.

girl showing cat to judge

Pet projects help 4-Hers learn responsibility in taking care of a cat, dog, fish, gerbil, hamster, guinea pig or other animal. Pet programs make animal science available to everyone.

Youth with rabbits on table

Rabbits and Cavies are family friendly and are great programs for youth from any background to participate in. 4-Hers will learn the importance of record keeping, talking to the public about their animals, and genetics and animal behavior.