Goat Fact Sheets

Owning a goat can be a big responsibility.

Use these fact sheets to learn more about goats, decide if a goat project is right for you, and start to make a plan for the care and well-being of your goat.

Before embarking on a goat project, youth should discuss the idea with their 4-H educators and other knowledgeable local farmers or youth to get a better idea of the time and resource commitment of owning a goat. Youth also need the support of their parents before starting a goat project to ensure that the entire family understands the time, money, and facilities needed to take care of a goat. 

These fact sheets can help youth gain the foundations about goat care and 4-H goat projects in order to present a well thought out plan to their families and educators. They can also be referenced by youth who already have a goat and want to learn more about a certain subject.