News Update

As of March 25, 2022 NYS Department of Ag and Markets has banned all live fowl shows and exhibitions until further notice. For more information refer to the NY Ag and Markets avian flu press release. While we are hopeful that this may be relaxed before fair season, youth are encouraged to have a back up or secondary project. 

4-H Home Poultry Flocks

The home flock program involves all of the practical poultry and Avian Science projects and the Standard Breeders project. The practical projects include brooding, rearing, laying flocks, broiler, turkey and duck projects. These are meat and egg projects which place emphasis on how to do things. The Standard Breeders project is a science project which emphasizes the why of things using areas such as genetics, physiology, embryology, nutrition and health.

For more information

Contact your local County CCE Association or Dana Palmer at dlp10 [at] cornell.edu.