The Great NYS Fair

August 21 - September 2, 2024

New York youth have the opportunity to participate in many activities at the New York State Fair. There are both youth and open animal shows for species such as goats, dairy cows, and poultry where youth can show off their project animals and demonstrate showmanship skills. There are also state-level 4-H contests held during the Fair where youth demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in different areas. For some of these activities, youth must participate and qualify at a county or regional level to be eligible to show at the State Fair. Contact your local CCE office for more information. These contests and shows offered during the Fair can vary from year to year, so always check the rule book linked below for the most up to date information.

4-H events and activities at the New York State Fair are an extension of educational programs conducted by 4-H youth development programs in counties throughout New York State. 4-H participation at the State Fair is designed to complement and supplement county, district, and other state activities, for some events there are also related Regional and National programs following the fair. 4-H programs and activities at State Fair are under the supervision of 4-H Program Coordinators, campus specialists, and county Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Staff, with assistance from volunteer leaders and parents.

New York's 4-H Animal Science programs at the State Fair strives to provide youth 8-19 years of age with opportunities to:

  • Be recognized for their accomplishments by displaying what they have learned, enhancing individual learning and skill development, learning and recognizing standards for quality project work, and applying research-based subject matter to everyday life experiences.
  • Present an accurate, contemporary image of 4-H as a relevant, year-round non-formal educational program for youth of all backgrounds and interests.
  • Attract youth and adults to become involved in the 4-H program.
  • Educate the public about selected subject matter and issues, particularly those related to the expertise of Cornell University and the 4-H Animal Science program.
  • Provide opportunity for volunteers to develop and demonstrate their leadership abilities through planning and conducting activities the Fair.