About horticulture distance learning

We combine the best of hands-on & online learning

Web-based instruction is a great way to learn about horticulture.  But it is no substitute for acquiring gardening skills by doing.

Online learning works best when it is combined with practical, hands-on experience. That's the idea that guided Dr. Ken Mudge when he began developing online courses more than two decades ago for the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University.

All of the courses we now offer encourage active learning through hands-on activities and online interaction among students and instructors. You won’t just read about organic gardening, garden design, permaculture practices or botanical illustration.  You’ll develop skills by doing them. Online "lectures," virtual field trips, discussion, and quizzes are among the activities that will engage you in the history, botanical principles, and horticultural applications.

Most courses last 6 to 10 weeks and include students from across the country. Class size is limited, so we encourage early registration. To facilitate online discussion, we focus on different topics each week. But you can log in at your convenience at anytime during the week.

While experienced gardeners and horticulturists will get the most from these courses, the only prerequisites are a computer with Internet connection and a willingness to learn. Many of our students have never taken an online course before.

We provide a tutorial to familiarize you with the instructional web site, and are happy to help you through any technology problems you may encounter.

These courses do not carry academic credit. But upon completion, students receive a Certificate of Participation and qualify for Continuing Education Credit. (If you are enrolled in a university program, you should talk with your faculty advisor about the possibility of taking the course as part of for-credit independent study.) 

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