Fungal Biology Minor

At least 12 credits from the courses listed below.

Advisor: Kathie Hodge
401 Plant Science
(607) 255-5356
kh11 [at] (kh11[at]cornell[dot]edu)


Required Courses

  • PLPPM 3190 - Mushrooms of Field and Forest (Fall, 2 credits)
  • PLPPM 3010 - Biology and Management of Plant Diseases (Fall, 4 credits)
  • PLPPM 4300 - Mycology (Fall, 3 credits)

Additional Courses:

Students should select either the main or advanced track of courses:

  1. Main track, for students with a lighter biology focus:
    PLPPM 2013 - Mushrooms, Molds, and More (Spring, 3 credits) OR
    PLSCI 2010 – Magical Mushrooms (Spring, 2 credits) + FDSC 2206 - Fermentation of Food (Spring, 1 credit)
  1. Advanced track, for students thinking of graduate school:
    PLPPM 6380 - Filamentous Fungal Genetics and Genomics (Spring, 3 credits)

To learn more about these courses,  visit the Courses of Study website.

How to Apply

Visit the Plant Science undergraduate minors webpage for more information about how to apply for this and related minors.