Martin Faki

MPS Class of 2024, Global Development

Grand challenge: Interdisciplinary education and developmental practice programs as instruments for inclusive sustainable development

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Martin Faki has over twelve years of experience in teaching and working with national and international NGOs in his home country of South Sudan, which includes collaboration with donors such as the IOM, WFP, USAID, UNDP, FAO, IADC and UNICEF. Prior to Cornell, Martin worked as an Education Project Officer at Education Foundation Organization in South Sudan, where he focused on increasing access to education and social services for the community's wellbeing, with particular attention to women and children. He also worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Bahr Ghazal in the Department of Rural Development and served as a small business mentor in his home country. Martin holds an honors degree in Community Studies and Rural Development with a specialization in Social Work from the University of Juba's Department of Community Studies.