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A man walking through a field of wheat with a stick slung over his shoulder carrying several bags


Project partners researchers, librarians & AI to fight hunger
But research sometimes points in different directions. So it can be hard for policymakers to decide where to dedicate limited funds, and how best to help farmers adopt the right crops. Ceres2030 , a global effort led by International Programs in...
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A man and a woman stand in a field of wheat, examining the growing plants


Wheat expert calls for global unity to avert future hunger crises
A global alliance of countries and research institutions, including Cornell, committed to sharing plant genetic material, has secured food access for billions of people, but a patchwork of legal restrictions threatens humanity’s ability to feed...
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News & Events

A group of male and female students standing and smiling with an older woman standing in the center of them


Pelosi meets Cornell students at UN climate change meeting
There are 18 students from the Global Climate Change Science and Policy class attending the two-week international conference. The Cornell students are leading partner projects with the governments of Armenia, Zambia and Tonga, as well as The...
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Two women and one male sitting at a table in front of microphones talking and laughing with one another


Intergroup Dialogue Project expands reach with new podcast
Featuring conversations between students, faculty and staff connected to IDP, podcast episodes are recorded at the Cornell Broadcast Studios and are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify , SoundCloud and the IDP website. The first episode is...
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