Analyzing development strategies towards a more sustainable, equitable world

Mid-career professionals, scholars and aspiring development professionals from 8 countries unite as the Global Development MPS class of 2023. Each bringing unique specialities — from food security and inclusive economic growth to renewable energy and environmental sustainability, and more — the class will take a transdisciplinary approach to enhance their technical and practical skills in development in order to tackle the world's greatest challenges around the globe.

Class of 2023

Adina Aamir headshot

Grand challenge: Engaged development and impact evaluation to increase economic opportunities in developing countries

Afiavi Caca (Calista) AKIBODE headshot

Grand challenge: Gender equality and women's empowerment in the food system

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Grand challenge: Impact evaluation of development projects in underdeveloped countries

Addis Abera headshot

Grand challenge: Climate change and child undernutrition in Ethiopia

Kristin Benson headshot

Food security and sustainable food systems that empower farmers and improve livelihoods

Mend-Amar Biniye headshot

Promoting sustainable development and social well-being for all

Allison Cooper headshot

Grand challenge: Building inclusive, resilient, and climate-smart food systems that catalyze agriculture-led economic growth

Andrea Durmiaki

Grand challenge: Equitable opportunities and fair access to experiential learning/global education opportunities

Alexandra Everhart Gearing headshot

Grand challenge: Justice for vulnerable populations through equitable water distribution across agriculture, industry, and households; protecting our freshwater ecosystems in the face of climate change

Martin Faki headshot

Grand challenge: Interdisciplinary education and developmental practice programs as instruments for inclusive sustainable development

Jesse Fowler headshot

Grand challenge: Stronger economic sustainability with improved postsecondary education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Gretchen	Hanson headshot

Grand challenge: Pluralism in agricultural extension and advisory services and ways to incorporate farmer-centered and participatory approaches to increase smallholder farmers’ agency in decision making; opportunities for youth involvement in agrifood systems

Jackson Hart headshot

Grand challenge: Environmental sustainability of agriculture; food sovereignty and economic independence in smallholder farming communities; optimization of controlled environment agriculture

Rashmi Kanthi headshot

Grand challenge: Research and Evaluation to ensure sustained development, food security, poverty elimination, better policy design and implementation; Global partnerships for inclusive and equitable access to nutrition, health and education

David Ngam headshot

Grand challenge: Youth empowerment, innovation and policy adaptation

Jackie Sayegh headshot

Grand challenge: Empowering displaced women and youths; indigenous coping strategies; associational social structures

Hannah Schwarz headshot

Grand challenge: Participatory research and project design that engages marginalized communities, particularly women and girls, to define problems and design development solutions