Education with impact

The Department of Global Development is a unified development studies program dedicated to robust engagement with the world’s grand challenges at home and abroad. With a focus on education with impact, our broad interdisciplinary outlook emphasizes real-world engagement with communities in New York state and 30+ countries around the globe to improve lives, reduce inequality and protect the environment.

Our coordinated unit of projects, programs and people is dedicated to direct social impact. Here at Cornell Global Development, we are committed to promoting food security, protecting the environment and building a more just, equitable world. We harness the energies and talents of 60+ experts from a range of disciplines as we address some of the biggest challenges facing humanity. 

Our dynamic learning atmosphere and academic culture goes beyond purely technical work to provide deep analysis and transformative solutions. We develop next-generation leaders through engaged and active learning that connects students with field experiences as we work to solve entrenched and emergent problems all around the globe.

Transforming ideas into action

Working to improve lives today and solve tomorrow's greatest challenges

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A unified approach

Applying cutting-edge research, teaching, extension and practice across six continents to provide practical solutions to global challenges.

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Our three undergraduate majors, four minors, M.S./Ph.D. and MPS programs prepare students to engage on complex issues with real-world impact. Learn more about what it means to be a next-generation leader here at Cornell.

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Purpose-driven research and outreach efforts are engaging with local communities in New York State and countries around the globe. Explore how our work makes a difference.

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Our 60+ experts are developing innovative strategies to confront and transform issues in sustainable development, from here in New York to countries spanning the globe. Discover more about our life-changing impact.