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At Global Development, we don’t sit still. Here our students engage with real-world issues at home and abroad to deliver lasting social benefit to all. We connect science to the needs of real people to improve lives, reduce inequality, protect the environment and actually change the world for the better.

Our Undergraduate Degrees

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Development Sociology


  • Development sociology is about understanding how society works in order to better tackle poverty and improve the health, income, education, and well-being of people. It's purpose-driven and community-focused: we like our work to have real world impact, and we like to work with people and communities directly. Our curriculum will provide you the skills and training to diagnose, understand, and contribute to solutions in issue areas like food security, sustainable development, and climate change adaptation. 
  • Learn more about the Development Sociology major.

International Agriculture and Rural Development (IARD)


  • Our IARD major is designed for students who are interested in tackling the unique and interdisciplinary issues associated with food systems and rural development in emerging nations. You’ll have the opportunity to gain meaningful experience, hands-on by participating in projects and research all over the world. Our students prepare to make a real world impact on rural communities across the globe with concentrations in economics and development, agricultural and food systems, or environment and ecosystems.
  • Learn more about the IARD major.

Community Food Systems


  • In Community Food Systems, you'll learn to engage with critical contemporary issues relating to food security, food sovereignty, and food justice. This minor integrates interdisciplinary course work with community-based learning and research opportunities that together help students contribute to more sustainable and equitable food systems.  
  • Learn more about the Community Food Systems minor.



  • Prepare for a career in teaching and lifelong learning by taking courses in education while at Cornell. This minor will not only prepare you for the classroom, but also for engaged learning at any stage in life.
  • Learn more about the minor in Education.

International Development Studies


  • Build on your other studies and prepare yourself to work and lead in an increasingly interconnected and dynamic world. You can design a curriculum of international development courses to complement your major and other interests. The minor combines relevant coursework and international experience to prepare you for employment opportunities worldwide.
  • Learn more about the International Development Studies minor.

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Don Austin
Don Austin

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Department of Global Development

Don Austin
Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman
Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman

Education Minor Coordinator and Senior Extension Associate

Department of Global Development

Heidi Mouillesseaux-Kunzman
Community development
Civic engagement
Engaged learning and research
Sarah GIroux
Sarah Giroux

Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lecturer and Research Associate

Department of Global Development

Sarah Giroux
Decompositional Methods
Demography of Inequality and Poverty
Empirics Of Development and Inequality
Diane Munn

Undergraduate Coordinator, International Agriculture and Rural Development major

Department of Global Development

Diane Munn