Post-Conference Sponsor Guidelines

The Cornell Nutrition Conference Program Committee thanks you for your interest in sponsoring the Post-Conference Symposium. We welcome sponsorship from companies who have demonstrated support of the Conference’s mission to provide industry leading research and information to feed industry professionals and nutritional consultants.  The following guidelines provide an overview of the sponsorship and planning process.


  • Post-conference symposium sponsorship is awarded by the conference committee from pre-conference symposium proposals.
  • Interested companies are asked to submit a pre-conference symposium proposal for review by emailing the completed form to dmconf [at] (dmconf[at]cornell[dot]edu)
  • Proposals should be submitted by April 1 of the year prior to the conference the company wishes to sponsor. 
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the conference committee and a decision will be made by April 30 of the year preceding the conference.

Program Planning


The conference is held at the Doubletree Hotel, 6301 State Route 298, East Syracuse, NY 13057. 


Typically, 175-200 participants attend the post-conference symposium. Total conference registration is typically around 500.


  • The post-conference symposium educational program should begin at 1:00 PM and end no later than 4:00 PM.
  • Lunch following the general conference program is recommended for those attending the post-conference symposium. Given the time constraints of the educational program, there may not be time for a full afternoon break, but beverages could be offered.


  • The selection of topics and speakers is your choice.
    • To complement the conference mission, we recommend that the post-conference agenda include a combination of academic and industry professionals.  Presentations should be academic in nature and endorsement of specific products should be avoided.
    • If appropriate to our program and the speaker is agreeable, we occasionally share a speaker and split the expenses with your company. 
  • General information about your speakers and their topics should be conveyed to Cornell by April 1.
  • A final post-conference agenda should be confirmed and communicated by May 10 of the sponsored conference year. The entire conference program is finalized by early June. 
  • Please include timing, speaker name and affiliation, a short speaker biography (3-4 sentences), presentation title and session description describing what will be discussed (2-3 sentences) in each session.
  • You may choose to print your own proceedings for the post-conference symposium or include them in the overall conference proceedings.
    • If you wish to have papers included in the conference proceedings, your company will share the printing costs for the percentage of the total pages used by your papers (typically about $0.04 per page used – about $700 total).
    • Formatted, print-ready manuscripts must be submitted no later than August 30th to dmconf [at] (dmconf[at]cornell[dot]edu)
    • Manuscript guidelines will be shared with sponsoring company.  Please share these with your speaker.
  • There is no charge for your speakers to attend the entire conference but you must register them by contacting Heather Darrow for registration instructions.

Catering and Audio Visual

Room Rental

  • No meeting room rental is currently being charged to your company, based on the assumption that you will use the general session setup we arrange. 
  • Setup is subject to change at Cornell’s discretion, based on hotel and attendee feedback.


  • Sponsoring company should work directly with the hotel to make arrangements for catering.  You may contact Ellen Kirsch at ellen.kirsch [at] (ellen[dot]kirsch[at]hilton[dot]com) or (315) 432-0200
  • Any cost associated with catering is your responsibility and should be paid directly to the Doubletree Hotel.

Audio visual

  • Any cost associated with audio visual equipment (including screen and projectors) on Thursday afternoon during the post-conference symposium is your responsibility and should be paid directly to the Doubletree Hotel.
  • AV equipment at past conferences has included 2 screen(s) and LCD projector(s), and 4 microphones (podium, lavaliere, 2 wireless handhelds).
  • Arrangements for microphones and additional audio visual equipment for the post-conference symposium should be contracted directly with the Doubletree Hotel.

Registration and Marketing

Targeted Registration Email

  • Our office will send conference registration marketing emails on a regular basis through July, August, September and October to our prospective attendee list.  Three of these emails will be used for promoting the sponsored events (pre-conference, post-conference and breakfasts).
  • A post-conference themed email will be sent around September 12.  Please provide text and formatting for this email by August 20.  Any banners that span the width of the email should be no wider than 590 pixels, sent as PNG or JPG, and be less than 150KB.

Post-Conference Symposium Registration

  • While there is no additional fee to attend the post-conference symposium, participants will have the option to register for the symposium during general conference registration online.
  • Registration totals will be sent to you by email 7 weeks, 4 weeks, and 1 week prior to the conference.
    • Your company is responsible for giving final catering counts to the Doubletree Hotel.
    • Contact information for registrants, including name, company, state and country. This information should be used for internal purposes only and should not be distributed.
    • If you wish to gather more contact information from attendees, you may do so at the post-conference symposium.
  • If your company would also like to solicit registration for the post-conference symposium, please contact Heather Darrow to discuss options.

Recognition of Post-Conference sponsor, speakers and topics will appear in/on:

  • Conference electronic marketing
  • Conference website
  • Conference signs
  • Conference proceedings
    • Recognition in listing of conference sponsors
    • Your company may provide a full page advertisement for inclusion in the conference proceedings.
    • Ad size: 6.5” W x 9” H
    • Format: High-quality PDF preferred
    • Due date: August 30 to dmconf [at] (dmconf[at]cornell[dot]edu)
  • Company signs/display at conference
    • Your company may choose to set up a small display in the lobby near the ballroom where the sessions will take place.  Please work with the Doubletree Hotel to make arrangements for displays.

Sponsor Financial Responsibility

  • Speakers
    • Travel
    • Lodging
    • Honorarium
  • Hotel
    • Catering (plan for 175-200 attendees)
    • Audio Visual (screens, projectors and microphones on Thursday afternoon)
  • Printing costs for symposium proceedings or a percentage if included in our proceedings

Important dates to remember

  • April 1:  Rough draft of speakers and topics due
  • May 10:  Final agenda due, to include speakers, affiliations, presentation title, and session description
  • August 20: Registration email text due
  • August 30:  Speaker manuscripts (formatted according to guidelines) and ad for conference proceedings due
  • Five (5) business days prior to conference:  Meal counts due to hotel

Sponsorship Contact Information

Heather Darrow, Conference Coordinator
Phone: (607) 255-4478
Email: hh96 [at] (hh96[at]cornell[dot]edu)