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9/23: Andres Ortega "Examining the Role of Non-Essential AA for Milk Yield and Energetic Efficiency:  Abomasal Infusion of Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids using Energy as the Determinant for Requirements”

PI - Dr. Michael Van Amburgh


9/30: Lorena Soares "Diagnostic biomarkers in mares with placentitis"

PI - Dr.Julia Felippe


10/7: Josiane do Carmo Silva “Intrauterine infusion of a pathogenic bacterial cocktail induced clinical metritis in postpartum multiparous Holstein cows”

PI - Giordano/Altier Lab


10/14: Guest seminar


10/21: Clara Rial "Effect of first service management programs including AI at detected estrus based on automated estrus alerts and estrus occurrence during the voluntary waiting period on reproductive outcomes of dairy cows"

PI - Dr. Julio Giordano


10/28: Xingtan Yu “Direct impact of heat stress on milk protein synthesis of mid-lactating dairy cows”

PI - Dr. Ellie Duan


11/4: Emily Sitko “Economic performance of primiparous lactating dairy cows managed with reproductive programs that prioritized timed AI or AI at detected estrus”

PI - Dr. Julio Giordano


11/11: Keith Oh “Exploring the molecular basis behind multi-enrichment of DHA and 25-OH D3 in chicken eggs”

PI - Dr. Xingen Lei

Guangsheng Li “Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals early X chromosome inactivation during major genome activation in bovine embryos”

PI - Dr. Ellie Duan


11/18: Arianna Ferguson "Reevaluation of the Van Soest Buffer with Lipid Encapsulated Rumen Protected Products"

PI - Dr. Michael Van Amburgh

Charlotte Wang “Cannabidiol (CBD) tolerability and safety in feline model”

PI - Dr. Nathalie Trottier


11/25: Thanksgiving Break


12/2: Claira Seely "Mediators of calcium homeostasis in cows with differing postparturient calcium dynamics"

PI - Dr. Jessica McArt

Brooke Marciniak “Genetic Selection in Canids and the Welfare Behind It” 

PI - Dr. Heather Huson

Date & Time

September 23, 2021 - December 2, 2021
3:45 pm - 5:00 pm

Graduate students in the field of animal science eating dinner.

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Dr. Joseph McFadden


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