Major Requirements

Core Coursework Categories

Review our Course Offering Page to see all Animal Science courses listed by semester. You can also review the Additional Recommended Courses for the Grand Challenge & Discovery and Breadth in Life Sciences classes required for some concentrations. We've created PDF Concentration Checklists that can be used as tools to plan or track major requirements. 

Foundational Competency

ANSC 1101 - Contemporary Perspective in Animal Science (1 credit)
BIOAP 1100 - Domestic Animal Biology (4 credits)
ANSC 2120 - Animal Nutrition (4 credits)
ANSC 2210 - Principles of Animal Genetics (4 credits)
ANSC 2400 - Biology of Reproduction (3 credits)

Fundamentals of Animal Management

One of the following courses:
ANSC 2500 - Dairy Cattle Principles (3 credits)
ANSC 2650 - Equine Biology and Management (3 credits)
ANSC 3000 - Avian Physiology and Management (3 credits)
ANSC 3600 - Beef Cattle (3 credits - offered in even- numbered years only)
ANSC 3800 - Sheep (3 credits - offered in odd- numbered years only)
ANSC 3850 - Dairy Sheep Management (3 credits)

Professional Values and Responsibility

ANSC 1105 - Careers in Animal Science (1 credit)

As well as one of the following courses:
ANSC 3100 - Introduction to Animal Welfare (2 credits)
ANSC 4140 - Ethics and Animal Science (2 credits)


Students must select one of the concentrations below. Concentrations should be chosen no later than Junior year. We've created PDF Concentration Checklists that can be used as tools to plan or track major requirements. Note: If you are a Pre-Vet, it does NOT mean that you have to take the Pre-Vet concentration. You can take any of the four concentrations, still apply to vet school, and keep your options open. However each vet school has its own admission requirements. You are responsible to ensure you take all required courses for the vet schools you wish to apply to.

a student holds a lamb in a barn

Integrative Physiology & Nutrition

Builds a foundation of animal physiology and nutrition along with exploring several advanced elective courses. This is a great concentration for students interested in a research career and/or seeking a competitive edge in future veterinary training.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Serves the dual purpose of providing a foundation in animal physiology and fulfilling prerequisites for veterinary schools, and other health professions.

Dairy Management

Focuses on the science, management and business skills needed to be successful in the dairy industry and the larger agricultural business environment.

Applied Animal Biology & Interdisciplinary Studies

Provides a breadth of nutrition, physiology and management while allowing the opportunity to explore electives.