An event is defined as a planned activity that supports the broader teaching, research and extension missions of SIPS.

As soon as you think you will be hosting an event, contact the Event Team (sipsevents [at] (subject: I'm%20planning%20an%20event, body: I'm%20thinking%20of%20planning%2Fhosting%20of%20planning%20an%20event.%20It%20would%20be%20held%20on%20%5Bdate%5D%20and%20would%20be%20with%20about%20%5Bnumber%5D%20of%20attendees.%20The%20event%20is%20titled%20%22%5Btitle%5D%22%20and%20will%20held%20%5Bon%20or%20off%20campus%5D.%20%0A%0APlease%20let%20me%20know%20when%20you%20can%20chat%20to%20discuss%20more%20details%20about%20this%20event%20and%20what%20level%20of%20support%20we%20can%20expect.) ). Provide as much information as you have at this moment – dates, number of attendees. They will set up a time to speak with you about your event in even more detail; intake all the information and determine needs and what level of support they can provide.

The level of service can range from consultative (guidance) to full on-site event management, and anything in between. The level of service depends on the notice given, type of event, and the team's availability. In general, teaching, research and extension events take priority over social events. All events will be considered and their priority determined based on the current schedule, amount of notice given, scope and most importantly the availability of Event Team resources (which includes all other SIPS staff).

Making a request for Event Support:

We have had and will continue to have a framework for reviewing non-seminar event support requests. When you make a request, the Events Team will review their own commitments and touch base with the entire SIPS admin team. Likelihood of support is based on:

  • Extent of advance notice
  • School priorities [Student-focused events such as orientation, recruitment, graduation take precedence followed by research and extension]
  • Current commitments/workloads for the Events Team and other SIPS admin staff

If the Events Team is unable to assist you, know that we have tried all possible scenarios before declining and that faculty should not pressure individual SIPS staff separately if the initial request has been declined.

What other options are available?

  • Provide you with checklist and suggestions of venders
  • Assist you in hiring a temp or student helper
  • Connect you with Cornell Conference Services
  • Advertise a “gig” development opportunity that allows a Cornell employee outside SIPS to support you while enhancing their skills.
  • We are also working with the Statler to explore opportunities for event management students

NOTE: if you are preparing a grant that includes sponsorship of one or more events, the Events Team can assist with estimates of likely costs

More information

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