The Manager - October 2015

Business Reinvestment

Re-investing in the business and its future is a process.

The October 2015 issue of The Manager in DairyBusiness East focuses on business planning.
By Jason Karszes and Julie Berry

Planning for your future

Developing a business plan, asking the hard questions now, before implementing the plan, will help navigate the road to a successful future.
By Caroline Potter

Three big workforce investments that can have a big payoff. 

Focus on hiring, training and feedback for workforce success.
By Thomas Maloney

Preparing for capital investments. 

Choose investments that contribute to long-term profitability.
By Jennifer Ifft

Using a dairy advisory team to find the best re-investment option. 

Advisory teams help make better decisions and can save time and money.
By Lisa Holden

It's the people we develop who matter. 

Invest in employee development for grow future managers.
By Betsey Howland

Business leadership and management development - A continual educational approach. 

Develop leadership and management skills for business success.
By Jason Karszes, Debbie Grusenmeyer and Julie Berry

Programs to develop future dairy leaders and feed the dairy career pipeline. 

Dairy-focused education programs build interest in ag careers.
By Debbie Grusenmeyer and Julie Berry