The Manager - July 2016

Empire Farm Days 2016

A sneak peak at Empire Farm Days Dairy Profit Seminars
This Manger issue from PRO-DAIRY focused on EFD Profit Seminars.
By Julie Berry

Enhanced herd health through effective protocol management
Improve herd health and decrease drug waste and residue risk by implementing treatment protocols.
By Robert Lynch, DVM

FARM Program changes highlight improvements in animal care
The FARM Program reflects ongoing changes and consumer expectations for how animals are cared for.
By Chris Galen

Siting manure storages
Manure storage planning is more complex than ever.
By Pete Wright and Karl Czymmek 

Manure Treatment. Is it in your future?
Manure manipulation: is there a benefit for your farm?
By Curt Gooch and Pete Wright

Capital vs. labor: A historic tradeoff in perspective
History provides important context to critical decisions dairy farms face on labor-saving investment
By Jennifer Ifft

How to help each employee become more valuable to your business
Implement a performance plan to improve productivity and efficiency and support higher wages.        
By Thomas R. Maloney

Capital investment of robotic milkers pays off for Seneca Castle, NY farm
Hemdale Farms has become the US’s second largest robotic milking system.
By Julie Berry