The Manager - July 2015

Profit Seminars

A sneak peak at Empire Farm Days Dairy Profit Seminars.

The July 2015 issue of The Manager in DairyBusiness East focuses on Empire Farm Days Dairy Profit Seminars.
By Julie Berry

Milking time evaluations are more than just numbers. 

Monitoring the milking center needs to be multi-dimensional.
By Rick Watters and Paul Virkler

Empire State Milk Quality Council's 25 year Super Milk winner roundtable. 

Three 25 year Super Milk winners share their winning strategies.
By Betsy Hicks

The economics of milk quality. 

Improve Somatic Cell Count to improve a farm's bottom line.
By Jessica C. Scillieri Smith

Income over feed cost, the "ultimate profit driver!" 

IOFC helps drive fact-based decisions on the farm.
By Russ Saville, Kurt Ruppel and Sue Greth

Dairy Acceleration Program helps farm sustain future.

Conway Dairy Farms LLC expands farm and transfers management.
By Julie Berry

Understanding net milk income over feed costs and its impact on profitability.

NMIOFC per cow can track feeding program performance over time.
By Betsey Howland and Jason Karszes

Thinking about building a barn? 

General considerations for planning and designing a new dairy facility.
By Sam Steinberg