The Manager - January 2017

Technology Tools

Precision management: Merging People, Cows, Crops and Technology

By Julie Berry

This Manager issue from PRO-DAIRY focuses on technology.

Tech Savvy Cattle

By Rob Lynch

Technology advances can make labor more efficient and improve cow health and performance.

To Adopt or Not?

By Jennifer Ifft & Jason Karszes

Carefully evaluate all information available when taking on new investments to prevent avoidable risks.

Precision Management for your Accounting System

By David Stafford and Jason Karszes

All accounting models require sound financial numbers and accurate production records on a unit basis.

Measurement to Management: Tracking Heifer Weights

By Judy Moody

To improve the chances that a heifer enterprise is healthy and profitable, start with monitoring the basics.

Auto Guidance Systems on Farms: Benefits and Costs for Decision Making          

By Erick Haas & John Hanchar

Farm business owners should evaluate satellite guided auto steer systems for potential improved results.

Calibrating On-Board Yield Monitoring Systems – Best Management Practices

By Michael Contessa

A properly maintained and calibrated yield monitoring system is an asset to any crop farming operation.

On-Farm Crop Trials

By Joe Lawrence

On-farm trials evaluate an ever-expanding selection of crop inputs and aid purchasing decisions.

Getting the Most Out of Your Feed Management Software

By David Greene

Feeding software programs are a wise investment to save thousands on a farm’s largest expense.

Return of Handheld Radios

By Ashley Howlett

Handheld radios can improve communication, safety, and accountability on farms.

Cameras: Your Most Valuable Tool

By Thomas Wall

Cameras can help get better performance when you’re not there and are generally well-received by the best employees.