The Manager - January 2016

Climate Change

Prepare for climate change

This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY shows how climate change impacts farms.
By Julie Berry

Crop insurance mitigates risks

Develop a risk management plan with your team, including a crop agent.
By Julie Berry

Climate change will impact manure management - What farmers should prepare for

Farms will need more storage and flexibility in application to minimize environmental loss of nutrients.
By Peter Wright and Curt Gooch

Can agriculture be sustainably intensified to meet human needs and protect the environment?

Animal agriculture has become more efficient due to advances in breeding, housing and food production.
By Jennifer Pronto and Frank Mitloehner

Heat stress abatement techniques for dairy cattle – Heat stress occurs when heat gain is greater than loss. 

Balancing gain and loss over a 24 hour period is the goal.
By Dan McFarland

Is it weather or is it climate?

The difference between weather and climate is the time scale over which the conditions are described.
By Pam Knox

Dairy Carbon Credits

An overview of trends and opportunities in the carbon credits market.
By Jim Jensen