The Manager - January 2015

Managing Manure

Professional manure application 

This month’s The Manager from PRO-DAIRY focuses on managing manure.
By Karl Czymmek

Taking care of (manure) business 

Strive to do the best possible job every time manure is applied.
By Karl Czymmek and Quirine Ketterings

Cover crop and fall manure application window

The case for earlier planting instead of shorter maturing corn.
By Bill Cox

Grass injector provides a manure management option 

Injection reduces phosphorus runoff risk and ammonia emission.
By Lisa Fields

Satellite manure storage 

Satellite manure storage allows more flexibility in manure storage placement.
By Julie Berry

Optical sensors for corn silage production 

Sensors provide a way to check crop status and evaluate if more N is needed.
By Karl Czymmek and Quirine Ketterings

Manure rate research partnership with NMSP is valuable to farm 

Yield impacts of manure application methods were compared.
By Lisa Fields

Covered manure storage systems: Tangible and non-tangible benefits 

Study surveys costs and benefits of manure storage covers in NY.
By Sam Steinbeg, Curt Gooch and Karl Czymmek

“Nutrient Boom” invention could optimize manure application efficiency 

Nutrient Boom allows application of liquid manure to growing crops.
By Lisa Fields

Drag hose manure application 

Increase efficiency and reduce compaction with a drag hose.
By Julie Berry