The Manager - April 2017

Enhanced Management

PRO-DAIRY shares research through education to enhance management
This Manager issue from PRO-DAIRY focused on management.
By Julie Berry

Managing the environment to maximize cow comfort
Environmental enrichment… Not just for zoos.
By Heather Dann

Lameness recording for enhanced management
Routine locomotion scoring, and meaningful hoof lesion findings, allow managers to monitor lameness issues.
By Rob Lynch

The impact of bedding on cow comfort and lameness
Deep-beds improve comfort and reduce lameness, but all stalls must have clean, dry and ample bedding.
By Lindsay Ferlito

Nutrition management and lameness in dairy cattle – Many pieces to the puzzle.
The relationship between nutrition and lameness is related to the type and consistency of rumen fermentation.
By Larry Chase

Key considerations in fan cooling
Effective natural or mechanical ventilation systems are also needed to provide suitable air quality for cows. 
By Curt Gooch and Dan McFarland

National FARM Program and Version 3.0 changes
The National Dairy FARM Version 3.0 changes went into effect on January 1, 2017 and includes two phases. 
By Kimberley Morrill

Farm uses grants to construct manure storage
Careful planning and implementation of conservation practices positions farm for the future.
By Julie Berry

NYS issues 4th generation CAFO permit
Managers should evaluate how to be best positioned to meet the possibility of a faster rate of change ahead. 
By Karl Czymmek

How to use corn silage hybrid trial results
Just looking at the top performing hybrids from a single year, while interesting, has limited value.
By Joe Lawrence, Tom Overton, Allison Lawton, and Margaret Smith

How does managing phosphorus with reduced manure rates affect soil nitrate and organic matter?
Soil Organic Matter only increased in the trial plots with high rates of composted manure.
By Amir Sadeghpour, Sarah Hetrick, Karl Czymmek, Gregory Godwin, Quirine Ketterings