The Manager - April 2016

Timely Topics

Growing the industry through education and research.

The Manager from PRO-DAIRY brings you current updates on timely topics.
By Julie Berry

Current and emerging strategies for nutritional management of dry and fresh cows. 

High performing herds combine high milk production with excellent health by maximizing nutrition.
By Sabine Mann, Brittany M. Leno, Daryl V. Nydam, and Thomas R. Overton

Bacterial endospores in bulk tank raw milk: Challenges and opportunities. 

Impact of farm management practices on bacterial spore levels in raw milk and dairy product quality.
By Nicole Martin

Cow-side diagnostics. 

Use of rapid health information to manage the herd.
By Robert Lynch

Rumination and activity monitors detect metabolic disease. 

Activity monitors identified cows with ketosis 3 days earlier and DA’s 1.5 days earlier than clinical diagnosis
By Matias Strangeferro, Kathy Barrett and Julio Giordano

Value of manure lingers long after application. 

Study tests impact on hay yields after corn was grown with liquid, semi-composted dairy solids and fertilizer.
By Amir Sadeghpour, Karl Czymmek and Quirine Ketterings

Sidedressing saved money and N in 2015. 

Sidedressing provides better N recovery by crops than early season application in wet years.
By Amir Sadeghpour, Karl Czymmek, Quirine Ketterings

PRO-DAIRY supports planning for the future. 

The Beller family in Carthage, NY uses analysis tools to support generational transfer and financial success.
By Julie Berry

Dairy Acceleration Program: Additional funding opportunity
By Caroline Potter