Horse Quiz Bowl

Horse Quiz Bowl is an exciting opportunity offered as part of the NYS 4-H Equine Program. In this event, youth are able to showcase their horse knowledge in a competitive, jeopardy- like contest.

This contest involves a series of questions that are asked either of a specific individual or a team. Participants use a buzzer system to ‘buzz’ in first and answer questions. These questions might be in the form of a regular question, toss-up, or bonus depending on the half of play. There are a variety of subject areas covered: general equine terms, the horse industry, feeding and care, and anatomy.

Each year, top-scoring youth are selected to represent their region at the state competition, which is held at Cornell University. Representatives from each participating state are then sent each year to the Eastern National 4-H Horse Round-up. Overall, competition offers youth a great way to showcase their horse knowledge, while also creating an opportunity to meet youth from all over the region that share a passion for equine.

How to get involved:

  1. Become a 4-H member at your local county office
  2. Contact your local 4-H county educator
  3. Join a Horse Bowl team, or study as an individual
  4. For more information you can also contact jms943 [at] (Jessica Tyson), NYS 4-H Horse Educational Events Coordinator

2022 NYS 4-H Horse Program Horse Bowl Contest Information

Date & Time

Tentative: Saturday, April 9, 2022

Junior registration begins at 7:45 am, event begins at 8:00 am

Seniors registration begins at 12:30 pm, event begins at 12:45 pm

Bring your own lunch, snacks, and drink.

Registration & Deadlines

Registration opens on February 15, 2022 and closes on Friday, April 1, 2022. Only CCE County Educator or staff will be able to register youth via the CCE Event Registration for Programs portal. Registration for this event is online only.

Location & Parking

Contest held at Dept. of Animal Science, Frank Morrison Hall, Cornell University

Parking in the South Frank Morrison Parking Lot

Qualifying & Awards

Participating youth can be those who qualified at the regional contest, or those chosen in any other manner that seems fit for your region.

Each participate will receive a rosette and certificate. The top four seniors will be asked to join the NYS 4-H Horse Nationals Team and will travel to Louisville, KY to compete at the Eastern National 4-H Horse Roundup.

For more information

Ann Jason, NYS 4-H Horse Horse Bowl Chairperson, at jcowgirls4 [at]