Livestock Judging

Livestock Judging contests train youth to critically evaluate production animals based on breed standards and qualities for food production. Participants learn more about anatomy and physiology of beef cattle, sheep, swine and meat goats. Youth gain skills to distinguish which animals are more likely to become future breeding stock or quality meat products. They also learn confidence and public speaking skills while defending the reasoning for their placements to the judges. Youth can find local opportunities and judging clinics by contacting their country 4-H educators.

4-H Livestock Judging activities may be held at the local, regional or state level.

Contest Guidelines

Each county typically enters as many Senior and/or Junior individuals as they wish. A team consists of four members who judge up to 6 classes of animals from the following species: beef, swine, sheep and/or meat goats.

Contestants in the A Division will complete sets of oral reasons, one set for each species.

B Division contestants will participate in all activities that A contestants do with the exception of oral reasons.

Performance data will be used.

The New York State 4-H Livestock Judging Team was previously selected from the high scoring Senior Division A contestants who met age and 4-H membership qualifications. The Top Senior A Division county team in the state may be eligible for a national travel team in opportunity. This depends on funding available. Members of a team shall be from the same county unless there is a multi-county program agreement. If a county does not have enough team members to fill a team (4 members per team), counties may combine contestants to make a full team.

To be eligible for national travel, entries must be pre-approved by county 4-H educators and continue to meet 4-H age and membership qualifications.

For more information

Contact Brian Aukema at bja14 [at] (bja14[at]cornell[dot]edu).