Alexandra Everhart Gearing

MPS Class of 2023, Global Development

Grand challenge: Justice for vulnerable populations through equitable water distribution across agriculture, industry, and households; protecting our freshwater ecosystems in the face of climate change

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Originally from Edinboro, Pennsylvania, Alexandra Everhart Gearing comes to Cornell Global Development with a background in water resources engineering and a passion for water equity. She earned her B.S. from Penn State University in Environmental Resource Management with a minor in Environmental Engineering. Since then, Alexandra has worked in Buffalo, New York and Wellington, New Zealand. In Buffalo, she was part of the Lead Task Force which removes lead pipelines throughout the city. She also designed energy efficient upgrades for WWTPs and researched water treatment methods for communities impacted by harmful algal blooms. Additionally, she co-designed and launched Buffalo’s first water affordability program for low-income households.

While in New Zealand, Alexandra served as project manager for a multitude of three waters initiatives. These design projects reduced flooding caused by climate change and protected Wellington’s drinking water from contamination. She collaborated with people from numerous backgrounds and cultures, including the indigenous Māori people.

Alexandra uses her engineering background as a means to protect our natural resources and promote social equity. She plans to leverage her MPS in Global Development to build on her past experience. Alexandra is shifting her career focus to vulnerable populations suffering from a lack of natural resources due to unjust industry practices and climate change.