Service Dog Class

General Guidelines

This class is only for those dogs currently being raised by 4-H members for an organization that provides dogs to aid the handicapped (e.g., Canine Companions, Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Inc., Hearing Dogs,). It is intended as a way to inform the public of this important aspect of the 4-H Dog Program. Dogs will be evaluated on their appearance (grooming) and simple obedience appropriate to their age and service. Entry must include the name of the organization for which the dog is being used. Service Dogs are allowed to wear identification (blanket, collar, etc.) appropriate to their sponsoring organization. Any dog that is released from a service dog program is no longer eligible for this class.

Dogs entered in this class may participate in no other class except Drill Team.

Dress Code

The purpose for a dress code is to support positive appearances of handlers and to maintain safety in the ring. Judges and 4-H members shall wear suitable attire to maintain a professional appearance.

Inappropriate clothing includes shirts, jackets or other apparel with slogans, 4-H club, FFA Chapter, or dog club names, logos, etc., halter tops, tank tops, blue jeans and shorts, sandals, open toed shoes, clogs, and high-heeled shoes.

For more information

Contact your local County CCE Association or Dana Palmer at dlp10 [at]