Four-Person Team Class

General Guidelines

Teams will consist of four 4-H’ers with their four dogs simultaneously performing Graduate Beginner exercises (with 240 points maximum for the Heel On Leash, 80 points maximum for the Figure 8 and 120 points each maximum for the Stand for Examination, Recall, Long Sit and Long Down). The Figure 8 will require the use of 5 stewards as “posts”. Once lined up for the Recall, the judge will instruct the 4-H’ers to leave their dogs (all four handlers leave as a group). Each 4-H’er will call their dog individually. Once all four dogs have been called, the judge will instruct the handlers to finish their dogs (as a group). Maximum possible score will be 800 points. 4-H’ers and dogs who have participated in this class in previous years may repeat as long as they qualify at the county level. Only one entry per handler/dog combination. Beginner A, B and C obedience dogs are not eligible for 4-Person Team. Dogs must be working at the Graduate Beginner Level.

Only ribbons are given for participation in the Four-Personal Team Class.

Dress Code

The dress code for the Four-Person Team Class is the same as Obedience except shirts with county or club identification are allowed. Exhibitors should be neat, clean, and well-groomed in appearance. A more casual style is acceptable when competing in Obedience than Grooming & Handling. Youth with long hair should tie it back to keep it from interfering with handling or the judge’s view. They should wear clothing that is comfortable to handle in and appropriate for dog shows – not too tight or too revealing. Clothing should not distract, limit or hinder the judge’s view of the dog. Plain T-shirts and dark colored (black or brown) jeans are acceptable in the Obedience ring.

Inappropriate clothing includes shirts, jackets or other apparel with slogans, 4-H club, FFA Chapter, or dog club names, logos, etc., halter tops, tank tops, blue jeans and shorts, sandals, open toed shoes, clogs, and high-heeled shoes.

For more information

Contact your local County CCE Association or Dana Palmer at dlp10 [at] (dlp10[at]cornell[dot]edu).