Drill Team

Each team will consist of six (6) or more dogs and their trainers (4-H’ers) who will perform a detailed drill of their own design. If a county does not have at least 8 dogs, they may join with another county to make a team.

Trainers may wish to dress alike. Shirts with county or club identification, blue jeans and costumes are allowed. Inappropriate clothing includes halter tops, tank tops, sandals, clogs, high heeled shoes, open toed shoes and clothing that is too tight or too revealing. Clothing should not distract from the performance of the obedience routine or hinder the judges’ view of the dogs.

Dogs may be dressed to add further color. The drill should be at least five but not exceed eight minutes in length. Points will be deducted if these limits are not met (Loss of 1 point for each 15 seconds over or under these limits, an additional 5 points off for an over 60 second deviation).

Drills may be perform to music. Live music is permitted. Counties using pre-recorded music should bring their own CDs (or electronic recordings) for playing over the facility sound system. No adult may enter the arena with the Drill Team. Vocal or whistle commands are permitted, but they must be given by a member of the Drill Team.


Points for Consideration

  • Appearance-uniformity, neatness, appropriateness - 10 points
  • Appropriateness of musical accompaniment - 5 points
  • Difficulty of the routine - 15 points
  • Handling - 15 points
  • Obedience – attentiveness to the aims of dog obedience - 20 points
  • Originality - 15 points
  • Precision - 20 points

Total Number of Points = 100

If a dog defecates or eliminates in the ring during the Drill Team, they will lose 15 points per occurrence.

Tompkins County Tailwaggers Drill Team

For more information

Contact your local County CCE Association or Dana Palmer at dlp10 [at] cornell.edu (dlp10[at]cornell[dot]edu).