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decorative image of many pests
Apple tree leaf samples arranged in a grid
shiny green and brown beetle on a leaf


Japanese beetles damage roses and other plants in the landscape, while their grubs kill lawns. Can they be stopped? Maybe - but not with beetle bags you buy at the store. Come learn what works, and doesn't, for Japanese beetle management, then...
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • What's Bugging You?
  • Gardening
 A person marking an apple tree with a clothespin


Join us for a second live, virtual training on scouting of major insect pests of apple orchards. Anna Wallis (NYSIPM Program), Mike Basedow (CCE ENYCHP), and Janet van Zoeren (CCE LOFT), will broadcast from orchards in their region to discuss...
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Fruits

Past Events

IPM for Fruit

Bilingual Orchard IPM Training for Farm Employees

Sandra Lizarraga, a graduate student with Monique Rivera, and Janet van Zoeren, CCE Lake Ontario Fruit Team, sharing and translating information about insect identification and monitoring. 

Pesticide Safety

Glyphosate Presentation

Dan Wixted discussed hazard and risk assessment for glyphosate and nonchemical alternatives with the folks at NYSDOT on May 8.

Tick Safety

Tick Safety Information

We share information on ticks and tick safety at events all across the state. 

People seated at picnic tables in a large warehouse listening to a speaker
Person doing a presentation in a warehouse next to racks of traffic signs.
Kid looking at ticks through a microscope

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