Enriching research activities in Development Sociology.

Funding is designed to provide seed funding for new, collaborative research projects or to support special lectures, workshops, or seminars of faculty, associates, and graduate students. Projects should have the collective benefits to the Department of Global Development and contribute to the intellectual life of the department, the College, and the University.

Small Grants must be led by a faculty member or senior associate in the graduate field of Development Sociology.

$500 to $5,000

Fall Semester Grants: The application should be submitted by  March 5, 2021, and the awards will be announced by March 31, 2021. 

Research projects that can demonstrate collective benefit (research projects funded under this mechanism typically involve more than one person in the department, college, or university and include a public conference, workshop, seminar, or presentation on campus)

Grant funds cannot be used to cover salary replacement, summer salary, graduate student assistantships, off-campus conference participation, course enrichment, on-going program-related expenses, equipment, or dissertation research.

All funds must be used within one year of the award date. A six-month no-cost extension may be requested by submitting a summary of accomplishments as well as a plan and timeline for completion of the remaining activities. The Polson Institute Steering Committee will review all requests.

Please see additional information on procedures and eligibility before filling out the Small Grants Proposal Form.