Immersive, faculty-led study trips

As an engaged major, Global Development encourages students to learn from and with communities both locally and globally. In addition to the required eight-week internship and required courses designed to prepare students to engage productively with communities and make sense of their experiences, Global Development offers immersive study courses led by our faculty. 

Global Development offers multiple faculty-led study trips per year. During the second seven weeks of the Fall term, students meet on-campus and are introduced to the course themes and to the historical and cultural context of the off-campus course location. In January, students spend 8-10 days further exploring the course topic through immersive experiences in the field.




week class in the second half of the Fall semester


immersive hours at field site in January

Course format

  • 0.5 credits of classroom instruction: to occur in the second seven weeks of the Fall semester as a one-hour class that meets weekly
  • 2.5 credits of field-based practicum: to occur in January over Winter break with at least 62.5 practicum hours, which will be structured as an immersive, on-site learning experience over 8-10 days at an off-campus site
Teacher engages with two students on a trip to India

Course offerings

Global Development is offering two course options for Fall '23 and Winter Break '24.


“From cradle to grave: Inequalities across the life course in sub-Saharan Africa” examines how inequality manifests across different institutional settings and how program and policy approaches work to mitigate inequality.

Faculty: Parfait Eloundou-Enyegue, Sarah Giroux

Costa Rica

"Exploring Agricultural Development in Costa Rica" will expose students to the organizations, labor conditions, trade policies, and gender considerations that impact value chains in Costa Rica, with a focus on specialty crop production such as flowers, pineapples, bananas, and coffee.

Faculty: Marvin Pritts, Terry Tucker, Justine Vanden Heuvel