Made Adityanandana headshot

Research focus: Agrarian change, tourism development, social/environmental impact

Marvi Ahmed

Research focus: Construction and function of the development discourse, political economy of transnational development, aid agencies and networks, agrarian land rights, regional focus on South Asia

Emily Baker

Research Focus: How structural forces, men-engaged interventions, and ideologies of transnational feminism and development are reshaping men’s livelihoods, masculinities, and gender relations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

David Balgley sits on a stone ledge

Research focus: Issues related to collective land in Morocco, especially Nature-Society relations, water governance, rural livelihoods, and land privatization

Aman Banerji

Research focus: The financial logics, imaginaries, and political contestations remaking the urban peripheries of 'global' cities

Isha Bhatnagar headshot

Research Focus: The gender system, parental gender preferences for daughters and sons, and couple dynamics aging, with regional focus on South Asia

Mike Bishop headshot

Research focus: Power, race and social movements and institutions in rural USA

Michael Cary headshot

Research focus: Landscape fire, state formation, agrarian political economy, and political ecology, with a regional focus on South America

Yomna ElSharony headshot

Research focus: Politics of wielding power through space, water, and infrastructure; Urban-rural dualism; Land and Water Governance; Nile Basin

Stephanie Enloe

Research Focus: The intersection of agricultural development and climate change resilience in Malawi

Peter Fiduccia

Research Focus: Geospatial statistical analysis, spatial regression, and cartographic demography for improving local decision making with education & fiscal policy

Jarvis Fisher headshot

Research focus: Agrarian political economy; theories of the state and democracy

Matias Flores Gonzalez

Research focus: Universities' role in development, particularly in public engagement initiatives, and the history of university extension in Latin America and participatory Action Research and its Latin American roots

Kathryn Foster headshot

Research focus: The intersectionality of temporalities in climate migration; environmental injustice; population changes and rural migration; education

Delilah Griswold

Research Focus: Knowledge, justice, and governance in ecosystem-based adaptation projects in Fiji

Zhuang Han

Research focus: The interaction and integration between different groups of people living in the border cities

Emily Hillenbrand

Research focus: Processes and implications of gender-transformative approaches and shifting masculinities in agriculture development in Burundi and Malawi

Mushahid Hussain

Research focus: The confluence of labor precariousness, informal markets and the politics of subsistence in emergent industrial regions in contemporary Bangladesh

Amrutha Jose Pampackal

Research focus: State-society interaction, food security, land governance, and social inequalities; particularly in India

Shrey Kapoor

Research Focus: contemporary articulations of neoliberalism, Hindutva and the dispossession of marginalized groups in favor of capital-intensive development projects, with a special focus on Gujarat

Kendra Kintzi

Research focus: Energy and natural resource geographies; material politics of infrastructure formations; digital mobilization; smart imaginaries and urban space

Tamar Law headshot

Nature-society relations and capitalist natures; political ecology of climate mitigation and adaptation; politics of soil, feminist science studies and the role of techno-science in spheres of accumulation; nature-based solutions (NbS) and nature-based infrastructures (NbI); agrarian futures

Kristie LeBeau

Research Focus: Rural schools and communities and the way they are impacted by education policy and social conditions

Sidney Madsen

Research Focus: Food sovereignty, agroecology, and solidarity economies

Carolina Osorio Gil headshot

Research Focus: Transnational Indigenous alliances across the Americas, and transnational interdisciplinary story-based collaborative arts and culture interventions

Karla Peña

Research focus: Indigenous-peasant movements and their struggle for land and territorial rights in Ecuador

Liz Pickard headshot

Research focus: Political ecologies of finance; settler colonial studies; critical agrarian studies

Mira Qi

Research focus: Agriculture development, gender, alternative food systems, and sustainability

Katie Rainwater

Research Focus: Labor relations in the shrimp processing industries of Thailand and Bangladesh

Anjana Ramkumar

Research focus: Eco-social dimensions of agriculture, political ecology, agrarian Change and more-than-human geographies

Timothy Ravis

Research focus: The technological mediation of state, society, and nature; the political ecology of geomatics; history and geography of Indonesian development

Ewan Robinson

Research focus: How relationships between development organizations, government agencies, and private sector institutions shape the implementation of agricultural development programs and policies in East Africa

Headshot of Lara Roeven

Research focus: The political economy of knowledge and technology; digitalization; history of agriculture and environmental history

Ujjainee Sharma

Research Focus: Policy and project translation of climate change science and subsequent impact of said projects on communities and livelihoods

Aubryn Sidle headshot

Research focus: Gender, development, and education; Adolescent girlhood; Youth and population; Localization

Jamila Walida Simon

Research Focus: Innovations in Tompkins County food insecurity

Camillo Stubenberg

Research focus: Social, political and ecological dynamics of decentralized energy infrastructures with a regional focus on the Middle East and West Africa

Mengzheng Yao

Research focus: Land tenure changes in rural China, urban/rural dualism, political sociology