Analyzing development strategies towards a more sustainable, equitable world

Mid-career professionals, scholars and aspiring development professionals from more than 10 countries unite as the Global Development MPS class of 2022. Each bringing unique specialities — from food security and inclusive economic growth to renewable energy and environmental sustainability, and more — the class will take a transdisciplinary approach to enhance their technical and practical skills in development in order to tackle the world's greatest challenges around the globe.

Tewodros Abera headshot

Grand challenge: Design, delivery, and management of agricultural extension and advisory services for smallholder farming communities in emerging markets

Homari Aoki headshot

Grand challenge: Global renewable energy development

Thomas Arminio headshot

Grand challenge: Soil and human health

Ashish Aryal headshot

Grand challenge: Inclusive and holistic development with limited public resources

Shannen Chua headshot

Grand challenge: Protection gaps against shocks resulting from natural disasters

Michelle Corio headshot

Grand challenge: Education at the intersection of climate change, poverty, and nutrition; and data-driven policies

Tommy Crocker headshot

Grand challenge: Food insecurity, climate change, and economic inequalities between the global North & South

Kellie Del Signore headshot

Grand challenge: Gender equity especially in agriculture; rural and community development; food security

Sumire Doi headshot

Grand challenge: Zero hunger, farmer empowerment, food security policy and inclusive economic growth

Andrea Durmiaki in the mountains

Grand challenge: Equitable opportunities and fair access to experiential learning/global education opportunities

Jackson Hart headshot

Grand challenge: Environmental sustainability of agriculture; food sovereignty and economic independence in smallholder farming communities; optimization of controlled environment agriculture

Dolgorjav Jigmedsenge headshot

Grand challenge: Urbanization, mobility challenges and vulnerable employment;
Unemployment and shortage of experienced or skilled workforce

Jyothis Joy Mazhuvanchery headshot

Grand challenge: Minimizing food wastage in perishable commodities; minimizing incidences of food borne illnesses through food safety; nutrition of staple foods

Joyce Kabui headshot

Grand challenge: Energy poverty, climate change and rising inequality in sub-Saharan Africa

Cody Kugler headshot

Grand challenge: Sustainable food systems; facilitating SMEs in emerging markets, especially smallholders

Emily McGinnis headshot

Grand challenge: Inequality, gender inequity and structural racism

Windu Adi Prastowo at Niagara Falls

Grand challenge: Corruption and its impact on poverty, inequality in education, and lack of healthcare

Garrett Quade headshot

Grand challenge: Agricultural productivity in rural communities through climate-resilient practices and sustainable food systems

Jarsm Russell headshot

Grand challenge: Food security including crop yield, food waste management, income generation and nutrition in small scale agriculture systems

Nicholas Twyman headshot

Grand challenge: Equitable food, energy, and financial systems that empower people in developing countries

Iskender Usupbaev headshot

Grand challenge: Water scarcity and quality, mining waste, social inequality and corruption