Graduate Student Awards

Leonard A. Maynard Graduate Award

Dr. L.A. Maynard was one of Cornell University’s most distinguished nutritionists. An endowment in his name was established by Drs. Edith S. and Russel A. Rasmussen 1988, to honor graduate students who have a nutrition-related program. Applicants must be enrolled in a graduate program in the Department of Animal Science and selection is based on “outstanding graduate performance.”


2019 - Ananda Fontoura and Rodrigo Molano
2018 - Amanda Davis and Andrew LaPierre
2017 - Michael Dineen, Niko Kochendoerfer, Sarah Lyons, and Maureen Valentine
2016 - Allison Lawton and Sarah Williams
2015 - Matias Stangaferro, Alessandro Zontini, and Sam Fessenden
2014 - Brittany Sweeney and Marcelo Gutierrez
2013 - Maris McCarthy, Kristen Davis, and Xi Yan
2012 - Ryan Higgs and Kennan McRoberts
2011 - Juliana Huzzey and Jose Ramos Nieves

Charlie Sniffen Graduate Student Award

Sponsored by Kemin Industries, Inc.

Dr. Charlie Sniffen’s dedication and enthusiasm for dairy nutrition research inspired Kemin to establish the Charlie Sniffen Graduate Student Award at the Cornell Nutrition Conference in 2016. The $1000 award honors animal science graduate students at Cornell University and Miner Institute/University of Vermont that exemplify Dr. Sniffen’s leadership in conducting and communicating impactful research.


2019 - Michael Dineen and Michael Miller, Miner Institute/University of Vermont
2018 - Allison Kerwin, Cornell University
2017 - Rodrigo Molano, Cornell University

CALS Outstanding Teaching Assistants Award

Given annually by CALS, this award recognizes outstanding graduate TA in each of the departments or graduate fields in the college.


2018-2019 - Sarah Lyons and Asha Miles
2017-2018 Christian Posbergh and Sarah LaCount
2016-2017 - Nikola Kochendoerfer and Brittany Leno
2015-2016 - Rachel Lemcke and Viju Pillai
2014-2015 - Lan Tu and Maris McCarthy
2013-2014 - Emmaline Long and Claire Stephens
2012-2013 - Katherine Churchill and Kristen Davis
2011-2012 - Ranji Singh and Fernando Migone
2010-2011 - Rick Watters and Kristin Gill
2009-2010 - Katie Schoenberg and Keenan McRoberts
2008-2009 - Melanie Soberon and Jeremy Weaver
2007-2008 - Julie Huzzey and Anne O’Donnell
2006-2007 - Jose Ramos-Nieves and Mary Ellen Urick
2005-2006 - Sarah Giesy and Helen Markewich
2004-2005 - Kevin Harvatine and Dave Kirschten