Cornell University offers outstanding educational and research opportunities for advanced degrees in food science.

Graduate studies in food science produce graduates who are well-prepared to become the research leaders, innovators, and technical experts essential for meeting the growing needs of governments, industries and various institutions.

A large, internationally recognized faculty with a broad range of expertise in all facets of food science; an excellent selection of courses in basic and applied sciences; modern, well-equipped research laboratories and pilot plant facilities combine to make Cornell's graduate program in Food Science and Technology among the very best in the world.


The Master of Food Science (MFS) in Agriculture and Life Sciences degree is a course-based, one year, master's level degree offered by the Graduate Field of Food Science and Technology at Cornell.


Students in the M.S. degree program are expected to complete their degree requirements in two years but may be allowed up to four years to complete all requirements.


Students in the Ph.D. degree program are expected to complete their degree requirements in three-to-four years but may be allowed up to seven years to complete requirements.

Degree Programs

  • Ph.D. Students: 88
  • M.S. Students: 15
  • MPS Students: 26


  • Female: 58%
  • Male: 42%


  • United States Citizens: 47%
  • International: 53%

Alumni Spotlight


Sophia Elie MPS '20

Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois

Fun Fact: "I enjoy salsa and bachata dancing."

"The MPS degree allows me to craft my master's degree based on the skills I need, providing customized flexibility... flexibility in choosing classes, program length, and choosing your MPS project."


Jennifer Welchel MPS '16

Hometown: Grapevine, TX

Fun Fact: "I am a certified barbeque judge and I have won blue ribbons at the county fair for my Parker House rolls."

"I met some great people from all over the world when I was at Cornell. Getting to work in a group setting was really rewarding, along with meeting others outside of the food science program that brought different perspectives on farming and agriculture."


Joseph Bernard Tarnate MPS '19

Hometown: Lipa City, Philippines

Fun Fact: "I love anything grilled!"

"I chose the MPS program because of its short duration and the flexibility it provides for students to tailor their research and experiences to their own personal desires and interests. It's a great program for students who want to work in the industry soon after completing undergraduate but just might want to learn a few more special skills prior to working."

student sophia elie working in food safety.
Jennifer Welchel
student joseph tarnate working with cows and dairy.

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Graduate Program Coordinator