Ithaca Facilities

Stocking Hall, built in 1923, has undergone a two-phase renovation project that began in September 2010. The first phase was completed in July, 2013 with the construction of a new building located on the site of the east section of Stocking Hall which was demolished. The second phase was completed in May 2015 with the complete renovation of the historic building, renamed Stocking West.

Stocking Hall

Cornell Dairy Plant

The Dairy Plant contributes to undergraduate and graduate instruction in food science; to basic and applied dairy foods research; to public service through extension programs; and as a designated training facility for New York State Certified Milk Inspectors and New York State Department of Agriculture and Market Inspectors.

Teaching Winery

The 3,900 sq ft teaching winery provides a state of the art facility for both major and non-major students to learn all aspects of converting grapes into wine.  The facility offers a range of winemaking equipment for students to explore a broad spectrum of winemaking styles.  Temperature controlled fermentation tanks and storage rooms allow simulation of conditions at modern wineries. 

Leslie J. Herzog 1977 & Jacqueline H. Beckley Food Product Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is used by students to experiment with product ideas for product development competitions and to prepare products for sensory and other quality testing.  It is also used for classes where students are conducting experiments involving foods and wish to taste the results of these experiments. 

PepsiCo Auditorium

Seats 124 students and is equipped with state-of-the art audio and visual technologies that allow instructors to take advantage of available web resources and allow video conferencing with guest lecturers.  Video conferencing capabilities are used to partner with colleagues from other universities in team-taught courses. 

Dairy Bar & Commons

The Dairy Bar serves as a retail outlet for the sale of Cornell Dairy products, including fluid milk, yogurt, pudding, Big Red Cheddar, and Cornell Dairy premium ice cream products as well as sandwiches, soups and other luncheon fare. The Dairy Bar strives to promote local and New York State agricultural products through its menu choices and product selections.

Research Laboratories

2 floors of state-of-the-art research labs, faculty offices

Food Processing & Development Laboratory

A 6,000 sq. ft. pilot plant equipped with a wide selection of pilot-scale equipment available to Cornell faculty, staff, and students for use in research, teaching, and extension. The FPDL creates a professional environment in which teaching, research, and extension activities can be conducted.

Conference Center

A 3,900 sq ft flexible, rentable space for conferences. A significant part of our extension programming effort involves conducting training sessions and workshops for stakeholders. 

Stocking Hall West

Teaching Laboratory

This laboratory is used to teach courses in Food Analysis, Wine and Grape Composition Analysis, and Food Chemistry in the Spring Semester. In the Fall Semester, the laboratory is used to teach courses in food and wine microbiology.

Sensory Evaluation Center

Sensory evaluation is a key component in successful food product development, quality control and shelf life studies.  Insuring consumer appeal of nutritionally enhanced products is done through sensory testing. The sensory evaluation suite provides laboratory prep areas, training rooms for taste panels and test space for consumer studies. 

Class & Conference Rooms

3 new classrooms

3 conference rooms - White Conference Room

1 seminar room - IFN Seminar Room

John Wilkinson Family Wine Library

The wine library provides a temperature and humidity controlled environment for proper storage of commercial and student-produced wines, which will then be utilized during in-class tastings.  Many of the commercial wines are donated by Cornell alumni or industry partners. The library has space to hold more than 3,400 bottles of wine. 


Administrative offices, offices for graduate students, post docs, and visiting faculty.

Geneva Facilities

The Geneva campus, located 50 miles northwest of Ithaca, was established in 1880 and is focused on fruit and vegetable crops. Food Science facilities in Geneva are located in the Food Research Laboratory building at:

Cornell AgriTech
665 West North Street
Geneva, NY 14456

    Research Laboratories

    The Food Research Lab has 1 floor of research laboratories.

    Extension Classroom

    Seats 28 students and is equipped with state-of-the art audio and visual technologies that allow instructors to take advantage of available web resources and allow video conferencing with guest lecturers. 

    Cornell Food Venture Center Pilot Plant

    A unique 10,000 sq. ft. food processing facility on the Geneva, NY campus designed for food businesses of all sizes to facilitate product development and scale up new or optimized food products.

    Vinification and Brewing Technology Laboratory

    The Cornell Vinification & Brewing Technology Laboratory is a pilot plant dedicated to research and teaching in wine and brewing sciences.

    HPP Validation Center

    Cornell operates one of the only commercial-scale HPP validation facilities in the US that is housed within a Biohazard Level 2 facility. This allows for more comprehensive and customized testing to ensure elimination of harmful pathogens.

    Sensory Facility

    8 individual sensory booths with access to the kitchen and lounge. Sensory evaluation is a key component in successful research and development of new varieties of grapes and wines.