The Environment & Sustainability (E&S) major is inherently interdisciplinary and, therefore, not based in any single department. Rather it consists of a set of faculty in CALS and A&S who teach and advise undergraduate students seeking an integrated understanding of the biological, physical-chemical, social sciences and humanities that must undergird any attempt to understand and resolve environmental issues.

Faculty advisors by concentration

The role of your advisor

Your advisor plays several roles: guiding you through the requirements of the E&S curriculum; helping you to clarify your educational and career goals; suggesting courses to help you meet your educational interests and career goals; and serving as a source of information on opportunities and resources available to you in your college and at Cornell (e.g., study abroad, internships, career counseling, health and psychological services).

You can request a change of advisor as your interests change by contacting the E&S program at environment [at] cornell.edu or meeting with program staff in 117 Kennedy Hall.

Faculty research spotlights

A woman holding a small, yellow bird
Shanjun Li
A man and three women standing at a table talking while handling building materials
Head shot of Neil Lewis Jr.
Classics professor Verity Platt lecturing to students with statuary behind her
the ocean with a sunset behind it