Research Funding

The experience of writing your own research grant proposal will help to build valuable communication skills. You will work closely with your research mentor to make a compelling case for funding, and to develop a budget and timeline for the proposed work. If you are interested in the humanities and social sciences, check out the resources in this Cornell Library Guide. You can apply for Cornell undergraduate funding to:

Cover research costs or travel expenses to report on your research at an off-campus meeting.

Provide a stipend for academic year and summer research.

Do research with a community partner.

Cover travel expenses to do research off campus over breaks.

Cover living and other expenses (e.g. commuting) of doing a summer research internship.

Some Cornell undergraduate research scholars programs (Rawlings Research ScholarsMcNair Scholars) provide funding. See the E&S Research Scholars Programs page for more information. In addition, many professional societies and organizations provide research funding, by discipline, through competitive grants. These include: