Student Awards & Contests

Each year, the Department of Communication awards several scholarships to Cornell students. Recipients will receive significant financial prizes and can list this honor on their resumes. Students are permitted to apply to up to two of the below awards per year. Please note that if you have previously won an award, you are ineligible to apply to that same award a second time, even with a different portfolio.

If applying to multiple scholarships, students must submit different personal statements for each application.

Due date for applications for the Department of Communication Spring 2024 Awards: Monday, April 1 at 5:00pm.

Applications must be complete when submitted. If a student applies for more than two awards, only their first two applications will be considered. For any questions, please contact hec58 [at] (subject: Spring%20Awards) (A)ac2396 [at] (subject: Spring%20Awards) (shlee Cherry).

Anson H. Rowe Award 

The Anson H. Rowe Endowment Award is divided into two parts. One award will be granted to a senior and another will be granted to a junior. Applicants must be majoring in Communication. 

  • Overall scholastic achievement
  • Demonstrated proficiency and breadth of experience in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and/or radio and television;  
  • Financial need.  
  • Only for the senior recipient: Awarded to a senior who has applied or has been accepted to a graduate program.
    Preference will be given to those planning to specialize in the areas of interpersonal communication, public speaking, radio or television.  

All applications must include the information below:

  1. Completed Application
  2. Resume
  3. Name and email of two references (on campus)
  4. Personal statement highlighting proficiency in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and/or radio and TV (no more than 1000 words). Seniors: your statement should also make note of your future plans regarding graduate or law school.