Transfer to Communication

Current Cornell, Non-CALS

Students who are interested in transferring to the Department of Communication from another college at Cornell should read the information on the CALS Admissions page for Internal Transfer applications. Students are REQUIRED to meet with Ashlee Cherry (the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the Department of Communication) to discuss their application and fill out the Internal Transfer Department Contact Form. ec2396 [at] (subject: Non-CALS%20student%20interested%20in%20transferring%20to%20COMM) (Please email Ashlee Cherry to set up an appointment). If desired, students are welcome to make an appointment with the Office of Internal Transfer to discuss the process and application (this is not a requirement). The Office of Internal Transfer will provide you with the application deadline (generally the last day of classes).

  • (Please note that the application in the section above is ONLY for those students current in a CALS major.)

It is required that students complete COMM 1101; COMM 2820; and either COMM 2450, COMM 2760, COMM 2850 or COMM 2200 prior to applying. COMM 1101 & COMM 2820 are ONLY offered in fall. Students may apply to the Office of Internal Transfer while they are currently enrolled in the three required courses. Competitive applications include a minimum cumulative Cornell GPA of 2.5 and a B+ average across the three courses.

Prospective High School or Off-Campus Transfer Students

Current High School or off-campus Transfer students should review the CALS Admissions page. If you are interested in setting up an individual meeting with the Department of Communication or if you have questions about our department please contact ac2396 [at] (Ashlee Cherry) via email or set up a 30-minute advising meeting.