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Email undergraduate program coordinator klo28 [at] (Kristie Milliman) to schedule an appointment or get your questions answered.

Faculty adviser

All students are assigned a faculty adviser. Check Chatter/DUST for the name of your adviser, and read about them on the people page.

We’re here for you

The CALS Student Services Office, located in 140 Roberts Hall, helps you meet your academic, personal and professional goals.

Transfer to Communication

Current CALS and non-CALS Cornell students as well as students at other colleges and universities are welcome to transfer to the Department of Communication.

Honors Research Program

The Honors Research Program in Communication offers outstanding undergraduates the opportunity to work with a member of our faculty to pursue independent research. 

Extracurricular opportunities

Student advisory board, organizations, clubs and research are available to enhance your undergraduate experience.

Undergraduate Studies Director & Program Coordinator

Headshot of Dawn Schrader
Dawn Schrader

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Communication

Dawn Schrader
woman standing and smiling
Kristie Milliman

Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Department of Communication

Kristie Milliman

Academic Support for Department of Communication

The academic structure of Cornell University has many levels. Within the University, seven colleges serve as home to numerous academic departments. The Department of Communication is housed within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, which is referred to as CALS. To graduate from Cornell, you will have requirements at all three levels: University, CALS and Communication. Depending on your needs, there will be times when you will interact with each of the levels.

Contact Us

450 Mann Library Building
phone: (607) 254-6278
email: communication [at] (communication[at]cornell[dot]edu)
We are located on the 4th floor of Mann Library, accessible only by the stairs/elevators within the library, which are just past the information desk.

Department Hours:
Monday  Thursday, 8:00 am–4:30 pm
Friday, 8:00 am–3:30 pm