Double Major

We're so happy you're interested in the Department of Communication!

If you wish to add Communication as a double major, please fill out this form to let us know you're interested. 

Double Major Requirements

All applications are reviewed by the Communication Undergraduate Curriculum Committee.  

Prior to applying, students must complete and earn a B in the following classes:  

  1. COMM 1101 
  2. COMM 2820  

  3. At least one of the following:  

    1. COMM 2200 

    2. COMM 2310

    3. COMM 2450 

    4. COMM 2760 

    5. COMM 2850 

Important notes:

*COMM 1101 & COMM 2820 are ONLY offered in the fall.  

*2310 is usually full with students already admitted to the major. Check with Professor to see if there is room for transfers. 

*Students are allowed to turn in an application only AFTER their grades are posted for the required classes.  

*Applications with grades lower than a B in these required classes will not be accepted, unless extenuating circumstances are outlined in your essay.  

* All applicants are held to the same standards of student conduct as current Communication majors. Follow this link to view the Cornell Student Code of Conduct: Student Code of Conduct (Student Code)