NYS Fair 4-H Horse Show Information

Participating in the NYS Fair 4-H Horse Show

How to qualify:
  • Each County is allowed to send 4 Horse/rider pairs in each division to the NYS Fair.
  • Horse and riders must be evaluated and qualify. Educators have the discretion as to how to select those that qualify. Please only send youth prepared to show. Riders must receive blue ribbons and no more than one red in a division to be considered for qualification to show at the State Fair.  Riders who received white ribbons are not prepared to compete at the state level.
How to Enter:
  • Youth/parents must register online not educators
  • Exhibitors must receive endorsement of a county 4-H Educator, FFA Advisor or other breed organization to compete at the NYS Fair. Any entry that does not receive endorsement may be scratched.  Exhibitors should contact their local CCE Association before you enter to make verify eligibility and carefully follow any instructions provided.
  • All entries must be submitted online to NYS Fair 11:59 pm on August 2, 2024.
  • Exhibitors will need to complete the following entry forms:
  • Once registered, County Educators will receive an email to confirm that who registered qualify for the fair.
  • If the educator does not confirm that a registrant qualified for the fair, that registrant will receive an email notification that they will not be able to participate.
  • If your county show is after the August 4th deadline, please work with your county educator. (Educators - please contact Brieanna Hughes at bh548 [at] cornell.edu (bh548[at]cornell[dot]edu) if your show is after August 4th for instructions.)
Obtaining Tickets and Parking Passes
  • All exhibitors should contact their county educator to obtain parking passes and entry tickets. NYS 4-H Horse Program does not receive tickets for exhibitors.
Contest Rules and Premium Books

Official NYS Fair contest rules, information, schedule and Premium books are updated regularly. Exhibitors should regularly consult the NYS Fair How to Enter website for the most recent changes and deadlines.  Youth exhibitors should contact their local CCE Association before entering to verify eligibility to participate at the State Fair and follow carefully any instructions provided.