NYS 4-H Horse Educational Events Rule Book

NYS 4-H Horse Educational Event Policy

The rules, regulations and procedures contained here represent a combination of the rules and policies derived from national and interstate 4-H education events modified only enough to reflect the philosophy of the New York State 4-H Horse Education Advisory Committee and its subcommittee membership.

The information contained in this manual has been designed to serve two functions. The primary function is that of representing a single source of rules, regulations and procedures for all Animal Science 4-H Horse Educational Events conducted at the state level. The secondary purpose is that of providing a set of guidelines or suggestions to counties, districts and regions for their competitive events and to serve in a similar manner for non-4-H organizations and agencies in organizing and conducting events open to 4-H'ers and to which 4-H'ers are specifically invited. The information contained herein is subject to annual review. It is the responsibility of the users of this information to be sure that this manual is kept up to date. It is also the responsibility of each participant in these events, especially in state level events, to be knowledgeable of all aspects of the rules, regulations and procedures governing the events in which they participate.

The rules for each educational event can be found below along with study resources.

For more information

Contact your local County CCE Association or Jessica Tyson, NYS 4-H Horse Educational Event Coordinator, atjms943 [at] cornell.edu ( jms943[at]cornell[dot]edu).