Your future starts with Cornell University

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Program (AIISP) welcomes your interest in Cornell University’s graduate programs. With almost 100 graduate fields and various degrees to choose from, our faculty and staff offer personalized mentorship, create relevant networking opportunities, and facilitate your application process.

After matriculation at Cornell, we will continue to support your academic journey and, eventually, help to launch your career as an Indigenous scholar, leading researcher, cutting-edge scientist or entrepreneur, and more importantly, a role model in your community and nation.

Join the ranks of distinguished Indigenous scholars

Regardless of which field you are pursuing, you can immerse yourself in Indigenous scholarship and engage in critical intellectual conversations through a graduate minor in the field of American Indian and Indigenous Studies.

The AIIS Minor is inherently interdisciplinary, bringing together unique expertise from across Cornell’s various colleges, schools, and disciplines, including history, anthropology, literature, art, material culture, performance and media studies, law, natural resources, linguistics and fiber and apparel design to ensure a richer and more comprehensive learning experience. These cross-disciplinary courses and conversations examine emergent issues in local and global Indigenous communities, allowing you to gain a unique perspective on your research projects and a competitive edge in a job market.

Indigenous Graduate Student Association (IGSA)

IGSA serves as a forum for graduate students to discuss cultural, social, political, and educational concerns. Additionally, IGSA is a professional networking opportunity for North American and other Indigenous scholars at Cornell, across the country, and globally.

Native American Law Student Association (NALSA)

NALSA serves as a forum for Indigenous and allied law students at Cornell Law School to raise awareness about the legal issues affecting North American Indigenous Nations, and to bring scholars to campus to share their expertise on these issues.

AIIS Graduate Minor

The American Indian and Indigenous Studies Graduate Minor is open to graduate and professional students in any field of study at Cornell. It provides a multidisciplinary perspective on the complex histories of North American and global Indigenous communities, as well as contemporary issues affecting them today. Learn more.