A unique sense of community

Akwe:kon (pronounced "ah-GWAY'-gohn") is the first university residence hall in the country purposely built to celebrate North American Indigenous heritage. In the Mohawk language, Akwe:kon means "all of us." The spirit of this Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) word is reflected in the inclusiveness that Akwe:kon offers to its residents and the wider community.

Akwe:kon's presence on campus goes beyond the beauty of its architecture, acting as a center for activities and events that emphasize the philosophies, values and traditions of many Indigenous cultures.

Explore Akwe:kon

Photograph of a woman wearing a patterned jacket addressing a seated audience from behind.

At Akwe:kon, we host many programs and activities throughout the year. Most of our programs are student initiated and led, with planning assistance from faculty and staff. Akwe:kon offers off-campus programs and events, such as visits to Indigenous communities in the region to supplement our on-campus programming. Our programming is always evolving based on student interest. Explore the wide array of events offered each year at Akwe:kon!

Photograph of a group of people huddled around a singular woman speaking to them outside of a gray colored building.

We are committed to provide opportunities for our community members to display and gain leadership experience, as well as teach students the importance of reciprocity.

A comfortable sitting space in the Akwe:kon resident hall director and resident assistance lounge.

Along with community engagement and programming on campus, Akwe:kon offers a number of resources for live-in students as well as to its community of out-of-house members.