Section 8 - Costume Class

Costume Class was re-instated at the 12/5/09 HEAC meeting. Was referred to the Horse Show Chairs and will be offered in the following divisions: Western, Driving – Mini.

Must be correct for the seat being ridden. Refer to the personal attire and appointments list for the appropriate division.

Must be correct for the seat being ridden. Refer to the tack and equipment list for the appropriate division.

Each contestant or group of not more than three contestants are to prepare themselves and their mounts to carry out a specific theme of their choice or one specified for the show. Expensive native Arabian and Indian costumes will not be given credit over an inexpensive costume which shows imagination, ingenuity and clearly represents the efforts of the exhibitor. All entries should be accompanied by a 3" x 5" card which contains the name(s) of the exhibitor(s), county and region, and the theme of the costume or an explanation of the purpose or intent. No skits or acts will be accepted. All exhibitors must design the costumes in such a manner as to permit movement at the walk and to be safe. No costume will be permitted to enter or remain in the ring, if in the opinion of the judge, ringmaster or the show committee, the costume is deemed to create a hazardous situation for the exhibitor or any other exhibitor, the equine involved is unruly to the point of being unable to manage or as the result of activity during the class, the costume is seriously damaged or deteriorated. The above will be cause for disqualification. Helmets must be worn at all times. Evaluation and scoring shall be at the discretion of show management and/or the judge.

More than 10 consecutively placed ribbons may be awarded for this class (i.e. - special recognition, funniest, prettiest, most creative, etc.).

*Note – Please use caution and good judgment when creating costumes and keep Safety in mind. Show committees must monitor that costumes are safe, even if it means excusing exhibitors from a class due to unsafe costumes for themselves or other horses and youth.