COVID-19 Modeling

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the US food supply. In particular, the labor-intensive food processing and produce growing companies have been hit hard demonstrating how sensitive these parts of the supply chain are to disruptions like this pandemic. To improve resilience of the food supply chain to COVID-19 and to support operational decisions of food companies in terms of optimal COVID-19 mitigation strategies, we have developed a simulation-based decision support tool “Find CoV Control” (Food Industry COVID-19 Control Tool). The tool predicts illnesses and absences from work due to COVID-19 among workers in labor intensive food production environments with the goal of identifying mitigation strategies that minimize COVID-19 cases among workers and maintain the best possible production.

Below you can find links to useful information about the work on Find CoV Control as well as other COVID-19 models with food industry applications. We will continue to provide updates to these resources as the situation changes and new models and information become available.

Models and Updates

COVID-19 Modeling Updates

Find CoV Control Tool

Partnering with iFoodDecisionSciences (iFoodDS), we have launched our simulation-based decision support tool, Find CoV Control (Food Industry COVID-19 Control)Posted on December 10, 2021.

Dr. Renata Ivanek (ri25 [at] (ri25[at]cornell[dot]edu)), Associate Professor of Epidemiology

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