Hyomi Eom

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow, 2023-24

  • Home country: South Korea
  • Specialization: Environmental Policy
  • Current role: Senior Officer, Ministry of Environment in South Korea
  • Education: Daegu Catholic University in South Korea, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Connecthe99 [at] cornell.edu (Email) 
  • Pronouns: She/Her

Hyomi Eom is a Senior Officer at the Ministry of Environment in South Korea, bringing 12 years of experience in environmental damage relief, environmental law, and ecological landscape conservation. Her primary responsibility involves providing financial and legal assistance to individuals adversely affected by environmental pollution caused by nearby facilities. Despite South Korea’s current system being operational for 7 years, the current compensation provided is inadequate to address the needs of all those negatively impacted by environmental disasters. Additionally, the existing relief system focuses predominantly on individual recovery rather than the restoration of the natural environment. As a Humphrey Fellow at Cornell, Hyomi Eom aims to conduct research on case studies and policies pertaining to environmental damage relief in the United States. She will compare these with the practices in South Korea, with a focus on enhancing the efficiency of the South Korean system. Hyomi holds a bachelor's degree in computer science education from Daegu Catholic University in South Korea.